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February 2015 by toxic--sunrise
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Tiny traditional bust sketches of whomever you want :D


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:glomp: Have I mentioned how sweet you are? Thank you for your contnous support.
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 3:44 PM
I invite you to join
Mon Mar 2, 2015, 4:06 PM
Wed Nov 23, 2011, 8:42 PM
Btw, deviantArt is having a glitch where it won't let me comment on your profile. :shrug:
Thu Jul 21, 2011, 9:03 PM
Hey! I used your FFM prompt "Leave the umbrella behind" here.
Thu Jul 21, 2011, 9:02 PM


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 6:04 PM
I was tagged by therianlight 

The Rules

1. You have to post the rules 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people 
5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged.
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are allowed! 
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENT. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12. Be creative with the title, no "I got tagged."
13. Cussing is ALLOWED

Those rules sound like they were created by a thirteen year old. :stare:

13 things about me

1. FFM is kicking my ass this year. You should sign up here: FFM 2015 SIGNUP
2. I have marathon-ed the entirety of Steven Universe in two days, and drawings are happening. 
3. I bought new colored pencils yesterday, and it's an important thing.
4. My novel is getting converted to an anthology because IntelligentZombie does have a point, it's basically doing that already anyway.
5. I have a tiny infestation of gremlins at home, for another three weeks. They are energy-sucking monsters.
6. I finally system transfered all my 3DS stuff to a new 3DS which means more gaming.
7. I have also bought lots of games for older systems, and hooked up my Xbox 360 for science.
8. I am going to visit IntelligentZombie in September and it will be awesome.
9. I also get to see Purplecherry5, and this will also be awesome.
10. I still do not care for peanut butter. In any form. 
11. Gremlins and I made lots of chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. Shoving premade dough into mini muffin pans was the best idea ever.
12. Shopping after people hours is highly recommended if you are like me and have a mild issue with people.
13. We may be taking gremlins to see Inside Out this weekend, and I'm excited. :eager:

14. I had a fit of insanity and chopped off 8 inches of hair. I do not know why I still own a brush.

therianlight 's questions:

1. How would you get away with murder?
            Poison. A very large knife. Acid.

2. Vampire or werewolf? Why?
            Trolls. They have a thing for coffee pots and left socks. 

3. Zombie apocalypse! Would you survive? Be honest.
        Well. I'm resourceful. And IntelligentZombie is six hours away and is easily amused with kittens. So as long as I have kittens and lizards and  shiny things, I should be safe?

4. Favorite genre of music?
            What are favorites?

5. Favorite element?
            Uh. Fire's nice. 
Iridium sounds pretty. 

6. You have everyone's attention for 10 seconds. What do you say or do?
            FREE KITTENS.

7. You're locked in an elevator with your worst enemy. What happens? 
            Well, there's 4.7 liters of blood and 206 bones in the average adult...

8. You get a huge fortune out of nowhere from a relative. Do you blow it on stuff? If so, on what?
            Free art supplies for everyone! Plane tickets! Paying off my goddamned car. Student loans. :stare:

9. If you could master one skill, what would it be?
            Breathing. Oh wait. Uh. Language. 

10. Biggest fear?

11. You meet yourself. Would you date you?
            :nope: by SoulnovaThat's a bad idea.

12. What/who would you ruin the fabric of space-time for?
            Well, at this point, spicy soup sounds realllllly good.

13. You can now teleport anywhere. Where do you go? Why?
            SPICY. SOUP.

My questions:
1. Favorite medium(s), and why.

2. Give other deviants some credit. What's the last three things you favorited?

3. Quick! Create a theory revolving around your favorite hypothetical creature (or, alternatively, poka-spotted talking mushrooms.)

4. Favorite food? Bonus: recipe.

5. How do you feel about goats? kittens? shiny things?

6. Imagine that an object near you is sentient. What does it do, and how does it act?

7. What is the most current thing you are interested in?

8. One theory that you are on board with for a fictional thing?

9. What is something that you recently misplaced? Have you found it yet?

10. Useful remedy to something that occurs often?

11. Story time! Tell us a thing:

12. One book that you would recommend someone to read?

13. One show or movie you would recommend someone to watch?

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(I did not run out of people and just start tagging people who are regulars in FFM chat. :paranoid: )

Bonus: Lovely things from FFM's madness, among other pretties-

Mature Content

just what the doctor orderedA toxic sunrise licked the fading shutters of Mimi Lolacute’s bedroom window. The air had been fiercely humid for weeks now, summertime unrelenting. Today, from the look of the morning, was no exception. Mimi rolled herself off the feathered bed to the carpet, knocking several empty cans of lurid energy drink off of the cabinet as she did so. Her clock read five a.m., and, sighing, she clicked open a new drink.  A funny thing happened as she stood looking in the mirror. Mimi noticed an odd aura about her, flame-coloured at the core but tinged with teal. Rubbing her eyes and swigging the fluorescent liquid, she squinted and turned to look at her partner, Chaz. Around him was a cloudy shadow, flecked with deep black spots that made it look like off soup. Minestrone flavoured, perhaps.  This was far too much for Mimi.
“I don’t feel so good…” The thud of Mimi
How to obtain a CerberusOliver was having second thoughts about the procedure, a strong force lured him back as he made his way down the sterile white hall and he looked over his shoulder numerous times, tempted to walk away. He could only hope the severe case of bad luck he'd come down with wouldn't sabotage the work they'd planed for the day. With one final glance towards the exit, he braced himself and entered the room which was the site of all of their experiments.
He knew Dr. Hades wouldn't bother to make his presence known if he'd arrived ahead of time, so Oliver crossed the dark chamber and made himself as comfortable as possible in the worn chair he'd grown to hate. As soon as he was seated the tall, sickeningly thin creature that was the elderly doctor revealed itself to him and strapping him down. Oliver's dishevelled appearance seemed to draw the interest of the allegedly human medic but the young man only shrugged in response to his questioning gaze. It would be too long a story to explain what ha
FFM 4 - The Spine of the WorldHe can't remember when he last took the medication. It could have been weeks. He doesn't know, can't think: skull pulsing with maggots. They've burrowed into the cavity of his braincase, squirmed against the flat bones of his cranium. He hears them sliding, feels them fester in his grey matter. Feels them breed.
He can't go outside. Hasn't tried, too afraid, yet promises each time, huddled in a dull corner, he will do it, soon. He sees a flickering shadow waiting. He hears metal screams. He is cured but they will poison him. To leave was slavery, to stay starvation.
He reaches a hand but his fingers are palm leaves. His body is a knife, too sharp to move incautiously. He has no choice, never had except for the when of his fate. Leaves wrap around the scaled handle of his door-turned-tree. Feels the jolt of electricity when it resists, but he pushes through and turns.
His footsteps fail. He steps outside the monolith. The shadow is behind him, above him, somewhere he can't see. The tree

Mature Content

11.15 Storm's a-Brewin'“He’s dead.”
Yes, very astute of you.
Rose, dear, that’s quite enough. Grandma Rachael was maybe being a bit too kind, telling her sister to stop snarking at me. I had made a very painfully obvious observation, after all. The body was dressed like an eighteenth-century pirate, complete with peg leg and eyepatch, and claw marks on his shoulder where a parrot would have stood. His remaining eye still faintly bulged out of the purple face, and a very large handprint could be seen above his ruffled collar. He hadn’t been dead very long, I guessed.
A flapping sound caught my attention, and I looked around the alley and spied perhaps the very missing parrot, perched on the middle rung of a fire escape ladder. Underneath, where it must have rolled to a stop, was an hourglass.
I’d be careful with that, dear, Grandma Rachael whispered in my mind, but I wandered up to it anyway.
“WIND IN THE SAILS!” the parrot screeched, and I
FFM 11 - The IslandIt had been two weeks since Bill stepped out of his world and on to a pirate ship, and he was finally setting foot upon dry land again.  It’d taken him a couple days to get his sea legs, but now the sand felt strange and foreign, unstable beneath his feet.  
“You’ll adjust!”  Garrett called with a laugh, helping the crew haul a crate of mason jars down the gangplank.  Bill watched the first mate work, and felt a smile crawl across his face in spite of himself.  Garrett was the only one who’d really welcomed Bill in to the crew, and his existence made this bizarre transition better.  
Bill took a moment to regain his land legs, bent over with his hands on his knees and his eyes on the old worn boots the captain had given him.  Shadow fell over his feet, and he straightened reflexively.  Garrett was watching with a grin.  Mazin, their hired muscle, wasn’t grinning.
“Cap says to take you and see what we
The Truth About PoltergeistsIt’s no picnic being a creature of pure celestial intent. I followed Phil, my charge, into the living room and stood on the cat’s tail. The animal jumped and yowled. I flailed and my wing bumped a vase, knocking it over. More flailing and I bumped a lamp too. “Bollocks.”
Phil lunged and steadied the lamp. He looked at the shattered vase and frowned. “Mary? I’m telling you there’s something here.”
“Not this again. Oh!” A woman walked into the room and paused when she saw the remains of the vase. Her hands went to her mouth.
“Sorry,” I said. They didn’t hear me. “It’s these wings. You know, they don’t even work. Just part of the uniform.”
“What happened?”
“The vase just fell. This place is haunted. We need an exorcist.”
“Now, wait just a moment,” I said, taking a step and bumping the lamp again.
“Phil, we can’t afford that.”

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

hit me with your pet sharkNot our depression. Poetry is a consequence.
Some ghosts never sit still.
On their side, the emergency is consumed with quiet.
Reasons Not to Have ChildrenThe happiest family I know consists of a man named Mark and a woman named Tracy, who met in high school through mutual friends, smoked a lot of pot together, then fucked, traded ideas and anecdotes. They fell in love for the usual reasons: common interests, similar humor, sexual chemistry, an irresistible pull that originates from a blackhole of illogic created in the brain by a cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine. The Soulmate Effect, is what my Uncle Mike used to call it. 
Tracy keeps their wedding album on the living room table. She wore lilies in her dull orange hair, spent seven hundred dollars on a pair of silk and silver fairy wings, which stretch out behind her in playful, shimmering opulence. Her dress, absinthe green and knee length, was custom made. Mark wore a kilt. They hired a band, stayed in Galena the entire week that followed, then bought a house around the corner from my parents'.
I used to visit them often. Tracy told me they had sex every day. They'd fucked in ev
I Am Not UglyWeek 1
     "Why don't you like your body?" Kim asked. Noticing my eyes focused on her pen, she laid it and the yellow legal pad on the table between us. I didn't bother to look at the scribbles there. I knew what they would say.
     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Low self-esteem. Victim of sexual abuse. Negative self-image. Possibly related to attacker's verbal abuse.
     "Because I'm ugly." My fingers found a strand of lanky blond hair and started to twist. Around and around, tighter and tighter. Eventually, strands were pulled from my scalp, but I didn't notice. Pain had stopped existing.
     "Why do you think that?" Kim shifted in her chair, recrossing her legs and angling her head to get a better look at my down-turned face. I don't know what she thought she'd find there.
     "Because it is true."
     "Who told you that?
HomeMy parents bought the house on April Fools Day.  It was something of a running joke: should have known, Dad would say, tightening yet another leaking faucet.  It was a sign, Mom said, staring down a nest of carpenter wasps.  In truth, they were never lucky with dates.  Got married on D-Day, had a kid on Thanksgiving.  JFK was assassinated on my Dad’s birthday; Brenda Ann Spencer went on her killing spree on my Mom’s.  Holidays were always a touchy thing.
My second birthday was spent in the new house—a gorgeous, rambling affair in the heart of what had been a boom town during the years of the Erie Canal, and was now just a sleepy commuter village.  They’d lived in consistently horrible neighborhoods up to that point.  Dad had been mugged a block from their first apartment.  A neighbor had been brutally beaten and robbed near their second.  My Mom would recall with wonder the first week they moved int

Mature Content

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Christian only had to follow the girl into Eris' domain. He did not sign up for this. Everything around him seemed to stop responding to gravity- as bizarre as it sounded. The earth fell away, at least most of it, and the rest of it appeared to just fly across the universe. There was no aspect to time, nothing.

A man, from the looks of it, broke through what Christian hoped was an atmosphere, and disintegrated before he could hit the ground, a shower of sparks rained down on him and a blackout from sound and vision followed- and then the stars returned.

Algacrypt came into view then, a shadow man with a better future than Christian would ever be able to dream of. Christian wasn't sure if the daemon could see him, or if the Algacrypt he saw was really the one that had tried to sell the world and a seven space oddities to the prettiest star herself, Jean, as a simple conversation piece and nothing more. It had been in his golden years, and Lady Stardust herself had done the only logical thing to do: she had squashed the wannabe starman until his bones made the same sounds as breaking glass. His golden years ended shortly after, as no one wanted a daemon singing about how the prettiest things are going to Hell.

It would be confirmed, later, that no one but him was unwillingly dragged passed the Gates. Hell would be particular about telling lies about subterraneanians and certain wild-eyed boys from Freecloud, the lost city of Oblivion.

Now, this Algacrypt continued to come closer, periodically. Close enough for Christian to see the cactus growing from his shoulder, like a regret under pressure. Holes from what could only be assumed as rayguns, or space rocks, dotted his shoulders as if he was a misplaced being, a spaceman turned dwarf planet at best. He was a host to spiders, crawling in and out of craters and pockets. Christian recognized them from long ago, when Mars had still been a settled place. He shuddered at the memory.

Christian turned away when Algacrypt began to dance in the same way a marionette would be controlled by a puppeteer. He tried to ignore the way all movement began to speed up, until suddenly he was running. It wasn’t of fear, but without his consent at all. He did not stop until after passing a cracked actor create fire from ashes to ashes himself, and another purposefully run himself into a pit of quicksand.

Time stopped upon his entry to a moss garden, where a being by the name of Jareth was waiting. Christian did not feel comfortable addressing this stranger by any sort of pronoun, and tripped over introducions, himself. The doors to Oblivion stood tall behind Jareth, looming and promising a fantastic voyage to the other side. Christian shook the thought from his head, with the vaguest feeling that resilient fairy magic was behind it all.

Jareth did not say much, only that Christian had taken the wrong turn. That fame would not be found here, and very specifically to be careful on his way back. Don’t sit down, Jareth informed him, otherwise he would be stuck here for five years.

Five years in a realm without a steady passage of time concerned him, and he turned his back on Jareth with a vengeance.
FFM28: Illusions + Truths
Let's start by saying that the setting is Eris' Domain, which is currently unnamed, and appears differently for all who enter it depending on both person, place of origin, and time. 

Challenge from IntelligentZombie - Today's victim is Christian
IT'S DAVID BOWIE DAYYYYY. :stare: Which means a fun point system.
    1 Point: Letter Z (2*1=2)
            bizarre (1), recognized (2)
    10 Points: David Bowie Song Title (27 *10=270)
            Across the Universe (1), Blackout (2), The Stars (3), Shadow Man (4), Sound & Vision (5), A Better Future (6), Cactus (7), Conversation Peice (8), Breaking Glass (9), Golden Years (10), Lady Stardust (11), Ashes to Ashes (12), Cracked Actor (13), Five Years (14), Don't Sit Down (15), The Prettiest Star (16), The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (17), Starman (18), Seven (19), Space Oddities (20), Under Pressure (21), Subterrainians (22), Telling Lies (23), Quicksand (24), Moss Garden (25), Fantastic Voyage (26), Fame (27)
    10 Points: Character called Ziggy, Major Tom, Aladdin, Jareth or Jean (2*10=20)
           Jean (1), Jareth (2)
    20 Points: a magical dance
    20 Points: Spaceman or raygun (2*20=40)
           Spaceman (1), raygun (2)
    20 Points: Spiders from Mars
    50 Points: 565 word count
    50 Points: An androgynous character
    50 Points: A man who fell to earth
    50 Points: A man who sold the world
Total: 572

FFM Links - Day DAVID BOWIE 2015!


Could you do me a favor? If you're here to thank for a favorite/llama/ect please don't just say
"Thank you for [thing here]!"

It's annoying to just reply "thank you!" all the time. kaythx. :heart:



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