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How do you know when a move is a good move. 

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Wed Nov 23, 2011, 8:42 PM
Btw, deviantArt is having a glitch where it won't let me comment on your profile. :shrug:
Thu Jul 21, 2011, 9:03 PM
Hey! I used your FFM prompt "Leave the umbrella behind" here.
Thu Jul 21, 2011, 9:02 PM
great herpityderpity.
Wed Jul 13, 2011, 8:46 PM
Thu Jul 7, 2011, 10:05 AM


duck duck goose: adventures in the real world

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 9:44 PM
today has been a horrible day, following a string of very bad days.

i've been making a list all day about the good things and bad things of the day, and the only real good thing i can find is that i no longer hurt from going up and down two flights of stairs (that's four normal staircases) for seven hours when we moved into the basement on Thursday. that's it. 

it's a pretty bad good list. and what's worse is that my bad list is longer than my shopping list at this point. i mean, it's not all bad. sure, my boy gave me some news that i'm not entirely sure how i feel about it right now, but really, i'm warming up to the idea of a massive change of scenery. (except, you know, we both just murdered ourselves trying to move his sister's shit out of the basement and into the second floor and vice versa for our shit. :stare:

but, when it comes to things like my truck, i've had the worst day ever. see, i have a fever, and i shouldn't have gone to work. but by the time i actually rolled out of bed and discovered this face, it was too late to call my cover guy and ask him to cover for my solo shift. i may be horrible, but i refuse to do that to someone less than two hours before shift starts.

so i went in. there's always traffic in and around dc. it never fails. today was no different, except i took it slow. i didn't feel well so why not follow the speed limit and every other road rule for once. (hint hint: normally i'm lucky to go 10 over the speed limit minimum, and i have gotten out of countless tickets.) 

this, turned out to be a really bad idea. not only did a car follow me for almost eight miles, and get off at the same exit i did, they literally sat on my ass the whole way, didn't drive straight and were on their phone the entire time. 

(if i cannot see the emblem on the front of your car in my rear view you're way too fucking close to the truck i strive to take the best care of.)

this guy ended up slamming into me when i came to a logical stop at a turn lane, waiting for the light to change.

now, i'm okay with it. i was shaking like a leaf, and i was pissed because this asshole did not know how to drive, but i remembered to take pictures because that's what the boy always stresses to me if i ever get into an accident. take pictures.

long story short, my truck needs 2 grand worth of work, and if the bed frame is mangled in any way it'll be more like 8 grand. which might as well total my truck.

and it's all coming out of my pocket because i have enough faith in humanity not to call the cops when someone crashes into me on a busy byway, but others do not have the same kind of decency to give me correct or current information. 

and i'm in a horrid mood about it. but i needed to put it somewhere because i'm literally going to lose my temper with this guy if i ever see him again. i took pains cleaning my truck up from the mess that i received at the dealership. i just put new tires on it, a new oil change, and i was putting aside money to get the fluids flushed, and shocks and a tune up done. and now that money has to go to fixing my truck if, by some miracle, it doesn't get totaled. 

so now, for all the faith i have in absolute strangers, i will never take thier word for anything. and that upsets me, because people shouldn't be assumed to constantly be trying to fuck you over. but he basically destroyed my truck and this is not okay.

(and if anything counts, my boy was very particular about me being okay. everyone's so worried about me and i'm fine but MY FUCKING TRUCK is damaged and this is not okay. my truck that is built like a tank and i take care of maliciously with my budget is damaged. it's like someone took a sledge hammer and crushed a masterpiece that i've been working on for the past year, and people are worried because i cut my hand on a shard. i'm not worried about me. i'm worried about my truck and smashing this asshole in the face.)

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