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April 30, 2012
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when i grow up, 
not everything will be beautiful.
we, us, you and me, they won't be simple terms
but more like impossible math problems where

x= you and y= me, 
z is all the times i have to derail a train
of thought, m is the number of times 
i wish you were my last first kiss 
and we'll throw n in there as that one
variable we don't fucking know 
that keeps us from equaling us.

we'll end up making a very dangerous alphabet soup,
but leave out the vowels, they always tasted rather bitter
when we were children and i doubt that will change
in any future. i'll tell you a secret, 

happiness can be a rather deceptive bitch, 
especially when we become math problems,
statistics, numbers. but secrets, they fall 
on deaf ears because you never listen, 
and you never change

so i'll just sit here and paint my toes 
various bright colors you always hated
while you learn the names of girls in movies
and business management, but don't worry,
i'll still be here when you get home,

well. maybe. we haven't happened yet,
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-07-22
AA 26 by ~toxic--sunrise ( Featured by Beccalicious )
TheBlueDangercorn Jul 30, 2013  Student Writer
now my favorite poem in existence, and i appreciate that you wrote it.
:heart: Well-written, and well done! Congrats on the DD!
Angel-Regiment Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Now THAT'S poetry!
LegendaryJD Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely.  Favorited.  = )
Sammur-amat Jul 22, 2013   General Artist
congratulations on the DD, dolly! this is marvelous! :love:
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